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Cognitive Therapy

Have you noticed changes to your memory or cognition that are impacting your day to day life? 

Speech Therapy & Aphasia

Have you sustained a stroke or other brain injury that affected your speech or language? You may have aphasia. I can help!

There are four components of language. Aphasia can affect any or all of them.

1. Speaking

Ariella K

2. Listening

Ariella K

3. Reading

Ariella K


 Ariella K

I founded Atlanta Speech and Wellness to provide an integrated, person-centered therapy option that empowers my clients to reach their greatest potential. Daily routines and wellness practices are essential to healing your brain and sets you up for greater success on this journey. That's why I incorporate wellness education and training alongside my traditional speech and language therapy services to help adults and adolescents not only regain their communication and thinking skills, but improve their social lives and strengthen their sense of self within community. I can’t wait to help you meet your goals!



Improve your speech and language skills to help you connect with others, express yourself, and be heard.


Improve your thinking skills, so you can increase your independence and get back to doing what you love.


Incorporate healthy daily routines and wellness habits to allow the brain to heal and speed up your recovery.

My primary areas of specialty include:

  • Aphasia

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Stroke

  • Concussion (mild TBI)

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