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You Can. 

Living well after a brain injury is possible. We're here to help!

We specialize in speech, language, cognitive, voice, and swallowing therapy for adults and adolescents with brain injuries and neurological diseases. We provide in-home or teletherapy options.

Our mission is to provide expert cognitive communication therapy using evidence-based practice. We strive to empower our clients, foster resiliency, and create a community of understanding and compassionate care.

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& Family Training

Are you having difficulty with your memory, attention, decision-making, or organizational skills?

Has it been difficult returning home from the hospital and reintegrating into your community, school, or work environment? 

Has eating become difficult? Do you find yourself frequently choking, coughing, or feeling like things are getting stuck in your throat?

Is organizing your thoughts or finding your words more challenging? Do people have a difficult time understanding you when you speak?

Our goal is to help individuals affected by a brain injury or neurological disease regain their independence and address changes in their thinking, swallowing, and communication skills. We are dedicated to creating functional goals and providing strategies and exercises that work towards what is most important to you.   

Our Specialties

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The Value of Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathologists (SLP) are ASHA certified and specialize in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with acquired brain injuries.  We are expertly trained to provide comprehensive services that increase an individual's quality of life and function. For additional information, please click the link below. 



We are specialists 


Our therapists are ASHA-certified Speech Language Pathologists who specialize in adult neurological rehabilitation.

Our expertise is in brain injury, including stroke, TBI, concussions, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Dementia, and Multiple Sclerosis. We are dedicated to providing individualized evidence-based therapy to help you improve your cognitive or communication changes while empowering you to reach your full potential. If you're ready to work hard and return to doing what you love, give us a call!


M.D, care partner

"Lorelei has been working with my wife for the past 3 months and I could not be happier with her service. Not only is she a great speech therapist who has helped with the expected language support and swallowing progression, but she has helped in so many other ways. She has provided general support for our home care, given us excellent resources for ongoing care, and given insight for upcoming doctors appointments. Lorelei is reliable with appointments, communicates as needed, and is very flexible. Finding a speech therapist was difficult, but I am so pleased that we found Lorelei and look forward to continue working with with her."

V.M, Client 

"Ariella helped me when I was in bad shape from a severe concussion. She gave me the confidence to get back to work after two years had passed and I had lost all self esteem. My processing speed is improving every day. I am beyond grateful for Ariella’s kindness and support."

R.S, family member

"Ariella has been incredible to work with! Highly recommend her services! We hired Ariella after my dad had Aphasia from a stroke. He had worked with other speech therapist but was not having success. Ariella customized her approach to make each session specific to him. She put in the extra effort to research his company, his family and his interests so that they would work on words and phrases that are relevant to his life. Ariella truly cared about my dad and his success, she even set up a family session so we could understand what he was going through and teach us ways that we could help. One of my dad's goals was to be able to give his speech at my wedding and they worked together for months on perfecting it (and it was perfect!) The progress he has made while working with Ariella is amazing, we are now able to have full conversations with him and everyone we run into says they can understand everything he says! We are so grateful for Ariella!"

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