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Spend Time Outdoors & Improve Your Brain Health

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Spending time outside is good for your brain and your well being. There is an abundance of research that shows both our brain structure and our mood can improve from spending time out in nature. After a person sustains an injury to their brain, incorporating outdoor time is just as critical, if not more.

All day, our brains are filtering, processing, and responding to stimulus. For a large portion of our days, we are bombarded by visual input from screens. This can be quite overwhelming for our sensory processes, especially after a brain injury. While healing, your brain is working on overdrive to complete tasks that you use to do with ease. This often causes mental fatigue. Being outdoors allows our mind to slow down and decreases stimulus - which allows it to work in a more natural way. Studies have shown that spending time outside can increase joy and reduce feelings of stress.

Need ideas for getting outdoors? You can keep it simple!

  • Watch the sunrise/sunset

  • Sit on a park bench

  • Go for brief walks

  • Eat outside

  • Do yard work

Here are a few of my favorite outdoor spots in Atlanta. Please feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments!

  • Grant Park

  • Historic Fourth Ward Park

  • Piedmont Park

  • Westside Reservoir Park

  • The Atlanta Beltline

  • Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve


After having a stroke or TBI, it's typical to notice changes to the way you think. Remembering events or staying focused may be a challenge. Getting back to work or school may seem daunting. These cognitive changes can be very discouraging, but with some help from a speech-language pathologist, you will see improvements in your daily life! If you have noticed any changes to your memory, attention, or executive functioning, reach out for a cognitive evaluation!

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Atlanta Speech & Wellness is the only speech therapy private practice in Atlanta that specializes solely in adult neurological rehabilitation. Our expertise is in brain injury, including stroke, TBI, concussions, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia. We are dedicated to providing individualized evidence-based therapy to help you improve cognitive or communication changes while empowering you to reach your full potential. If you're ready to work hard and return to doing what you love, give us a call!

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